School of Molecular
and Theoretical Biology

Alumni Society

Over the past 7 years, about 400 students from 15 countries became SMTB Alumni. Some have returned to the School as faculty and a majority continue their academic development around the world. To connect our alumni across many countries and facilitate networking opportunities, we have organised the SMTB Alumni Society that runs academic events and a mentorship platform for the community members. All SMTB alumni automatically become members, and the Society welcomes alumni from all backgrounds and interests.

The society provides its members with an opportunity to participate in the mentorship programme, shares information on summer internships, conferences and various educational platforms and organises regular meetings. For example, external lectures and journal clubs are held in the cities where a substantial number of our community members is currently based - Moscow, St. Petersburg, and Novosibirsk.

To ensure longevity and transparency we are now working on creating the Constitution of the Society. The Constitution will provide regulations for the existing programmes, develop new initiatives of the Alumni and provide a general framework for the long-term functioning of the Society. If you are interested in helping reaching this important milestone by participating in the development of the Constitution, please email Aigul Minnegalieva at Alumni Society email under the “Constitution” topic.

You can email the Alumni society at

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