Dear applicants,

The application call for applications written in English has closed for the 2017 School of Molecular and Theoretical Biology. In 2017, SMTB will take place in Barcelona thanks to the support of the Zimin Foundation ( All the applications and recommendation letters will be evaluated by the admissions committee and the results will be announced individually to every applicant in approximately one month time. In a few cases, the admissions committee may request an additional interview by Skype or telephone.

We thank all of the applicants who took the time to apply and the individuals who wrote the letters of support for their application. We are also grateful to everyone who helped spread the word about the school and the ongoing call.

The School of Molecular and Theoretical Biology does not discriminate, in the admission process or otherwise, on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, marital status, age, sexual orientation, disability or any other potentially discriminatory factors or circumstances.

We strive to present an equal opportunity for all applicants applying to participate in SMTB. Inquiries regarding the application process or other aspects of SMTB can be addressed to us through our email ( or by telephone to our Manager Anna Puzyreva (+7-926-2548553) or Vice Director Maria Gavryushina in Russia (+7-903-7529650), or to our Scientific Director, Fyodor Kondrashov (+34-618-164-237).

SMTB Admissions Committee