Our alumni

SMTB helped me gain understanding of how real science works, as I got a chance to participate in actual research project. More than that, the School helped me with choosing field of my further studies. I see SMTB as a starting point for the young and aspiring before they set off into the “big sea” of scientific world. Sofia Belyaeva

Having had an opportunity to participate twice in the fantastic project, I would like to say that the Bioschool allowed me to immerse deeply into real scientific research, which a normal school program lacks.Viktor Dmitriev

In my opinion, the closeness of research at school to real science is one of the things that make SMTB unique. Taking part in an experiment, which no one else have done before means being a part of science and making a contribution rather than emulating science.Sasha Eremina

The most important aspect of the school for me was an ability to speak to scientists in an informal way, including their help in lab work. Among them, I found people who became my scientific mentors and even role models to some extent. Grigoriy Khimulya

I am currently studying bioengineering and bioinformatics and undertake training at the Institute of plant physiology in Moscow every month. This is where I use all those skills I gained at SMTB. The pleasant atmosphere of the school where everyone is so motivated and focused on research has become a strong start of my scientific life.Katya Khritova (Shuvalova)

The first thing that I noticed at the school was how passionate the students were about their subjects – in either physics, biology or mathematics. The organizers, in turn, were very friendly and helpful people who were always ready to talk to you in case you have any queries.Misha Moldovan

SMTB is place where scientific process is modelled most closely to reality and not only in the way of lab experience. This is also informal communication with scientists at lunch, conferences and lack of social barriers. These factors, I believe, are as important as programming and doing wet experiments.Sergey Isaev

The best discovery at SMTB is certainly people. Despite the school being biological, you find versatile and open people here and no strict boundary between faculty members and students. Here you understand that “scientist” is not a profession, it’s a special lifestyle and a way of thinking.Aigul Minnegalieva

Thanks to SMTB I had a huge punch to my self-motivation and intellectual development. Not only did I enjoy real science, but I have also met new friends. Most of the scientists, whose lectures I attended and whom I had a chance to chat with, have become authorities to me in many aspects. I admire these people a lot and I will do my best to try to achieve the same summits as they did.Georgy Antonov